From Crittenden County, Kentucky
A local group is trying to compile a complete list of all Crittenden County veterans who served during World War II. If you know anyone from Crittenden County whose name is not on this list, contact Lucy Tedrick at 965-3269. If there are any names spelled incorrectly or where middle names are omitted, please advise. You may also email updates to
Updated Dec. 31, 2004
Adams, Edwin
Adams, James R.
Adams, Loren S.
Adams, Rudell  PFC 1941-1946  South Pacific
Adams, Stanley L.
Adams, William T. Pvt.  Army
Adams, William Wallace  
Akers, Lawrence “Sam” Hayden  Cpl.  Army 8/14/42-10/17/45
            European Theater
Alexander, Harold
Alexander, James Charles  PFC Army 300 Inf. Division  10/10/42-9/6/43
Alexander, James Francis Navy  Nov 15, 1943-Aug. 20, 1946 European
Allcock,  John    Fireman 1/C   Navy1943-1945
Allen, William C. “Speedy”  M/Sgt Army 6/44-2/46  State  Side
Allen, J. O.  S 1/C  Navy  6/4/44-2/6/46  Amphibious Corp   Island of
            Saipan   So Pacific
Anderson, Harold G.
Andrews, Wilson C.     Navy
Arflack, George E.   Army T/5  Feb. 7, 1945-Dec 14, 1946  South Pacific
Arflack, Raymond L. Pvt.   Army  State Side
Arflack, William C. Pvt. Army
Arflack, William Edwin S/Sgt  Air Force  1942-45 ETO  Was overseas
            38 mos. 29 days, no leave to come home.  
Armstrong,  Lloyd Tracy  S/Sgt Army  1941-45   Pacific Theater
Asbridge,  Eugene  Cpl.  Army
Asbridge, Dennis
Asbridge, Donald Earl PFC U.S. Army Airborne 1944-3/24/45 Killed in
Asher, Tyrus
Bailey,  Regional G.  T/4  Army 1942-45
Baker, Earnest    Co. A  Engineer
Balamos,  Wm. George Cpl.  Marines Went in 1943-45 Was wounded.   
Ball,  James D.  Cpl.  Army  
Ball, Charles Thomas  Pvt. Army  European Theater  1944-46 
Barnes, James Wofford  European  Army Air Force
Barnes, Ralph Collin  Pvt. State Side Training in Heavy Artillery and
            was injured.
Barnes, Robert William  Sgt.  1939-   Iceland
Bass, Raymond Hayden
Bass, Roy 
Beard, Floyd Isaac
Beard, Ollie C.   Army  1942-46
Bebout, Rayford H. Cpl.  1942-45  West Indies
Bebout, Alvin Dwayne  Pvt.  Paratroopers   European
Bebout, Haynes M.  T/5  Army  1944-46
Bebout, Homer Clifton  Army 6/7/45-11/22/46 ETO:  A1/C Air Force
            1951-10/53  Japan and England
Bebout, William Ross  US Army  European Theater
Belt, Abraham Lincoln  S/1C Navy
Belt, Barney    Navy  Japan
Belt, Frazier V.
Belt, Freeman Jewell  Navy  Sea Bees 7/15/1943-11/4/45
Belt, Harold D.
Belt, Harry Elvin  T4   Army    6/23/44-5/20/46   South Pacific
Belt, James A. PFC    Army  Co H. 505 Inf. 
Belt, James Clifton  Navy  4 years  USS Augusta  Sat by President
            Truman for a meal
Belt, James Edward 
Belt, James W. “Jimmy” T/5 Army 10/9/41-12/6/45 Africa-ETO
            3 Bronze Stars and  citations.  
Belt, Linvel  Army  he saw the flag raised on Iwo Jima
Belt, Marvin Eugene Navy
Belt, Maurice W.    Army     Panama
Belt, Morris Olds  S/1C  Navy 1944-1946
Belt, Paul “Pat”  Navy  Served aboard a Tanker in the Pacific
Belt, Percy Sam  S/Sgt.  Army Feb 1945-Dec. 1946  So Pacific
Belt, William Guy  Pvt. Army  2/12/42-9/6/44  African-European
            Theater, Wounded in Italy.  Stayed in Italy Hospital for 9
            months. Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars.
Belt, Willis Glindel PFC Army  10/30/42-7/5/44   Trained at Camp
            Attaberry, Ind. 183rd Div.  Camp L 330.  Was in a fox hole with
            two other men on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France on 7/4/44.
            They drew straws as to who would raise up to look about and he
            drew the straw.  When he raised up he was shot in the head and
            died the next day, July 5, 1944. Only one of the three in the fox
            hole lived and told this story.  He was damaged for life.  Guy E.
            Hodge was killed the same day Glindel was shot.
Bennett, Howard “Chick” 2/C   Navy, Ship Fitter on APA 204 Ship.
            5/22/42-11/22/45  South Pacific, Philippines, Okinawa, China,
            South Korea;  Received Good Conduct, Victory, American
            Campaign, Asian and Pacific Campaign, China Service, and
            Navy Acceptance Medals with 1 Silver Star, Philippians Ribbon
            with 3 Bronze Stars, Honorable Service Lapel Pen, and
            Presidential Unit Citation in Philippians Occupation. 
Bennett, Murrell C.   Army
Benton, James W.  Sgt.  Air Force  European
Benton, Robert L.
Berry, James H.   
Beshears,  Roy L. T/5   Army 1943-1945    Battle of the Bulge     
Beshears,  William Henry  Pvt. Army 
Biggs, Edgar L  
Binkley, James Frederick  Army
Binkley, Jesse Ellis  Army  Pacific Theater  Was in 3 Invasions
Binkley, Marion Burnett  Army  (These 3 are brothers)
Bird, James Carroll
Bird, Luther Odwayn
Bird, Will Norvel
Blake, Henry Austin   Pvt.  Army  1941-1943
Bond, Edward Houston
Boone, Daniel Malcolm  Army   4 years
Boone, George Lacy Cpl.  Army 1942-1944
Boone, James W.
Boone, Willard  T/5  Army
Boswell, Joseph J. Pvt.  Army
Boyd, Rendell  S/Sgt  7th Air Force  8/41-3/14/45  So. Pacific; Dis. with
            Battle Fatigue.
Bozeman, C. D. T/5 Army 1942-45 Killed in England June 3, 1945
Bradford, Allie Jr.
Bradford, Edwin Earl PFC   Army 6/15/44-6/15/46 European Theater
            42nd Rainbow Div. First Liberation of Dachau Concentration
Bradford, Maxwell Henry   Navy  South Pacific  
Bragdon, Lonnie   Army
Brandon, Richard Dr. T/4 Army  6/12/40-6/26/45  1st Army Division  2 ½
            years over seas European Theater. Last 6 months Army War
            College in Washington
Brantley, Allie Ray   Navy 
Brantley, Bennie Hullen M/Sgt  Army  1942-1946  South Pacific  Was
            discharged in 1946 and reenlisted and went to Alaska, where he
            was stationed with his family when he died in 1956.  It was to be
            his last overseas assignment.
Brantley, Clarence R.   1stLt.  Army   1943-46  South America, Panama
Brantley, Floyd R.  S/Sgt.  Army   12/40-10/45   South Pacific  Wounded
            in Luzon
Brantley, Forest Eugene ”Pig” Sgt. Army  Killed in Belgium 1/13/45
Brantley, Glenn   Army 
Brantley, Harold Ray  Cpl. Army   Germany
Brantley, James Clayton  Navy  
Brantley, Wilbur O. S/Sgt   Army   9/41-9/45  Alaska and European
Brasher, Coy Carl  Captain  Army 37th FA BN
Brasher, William E. Pvt. Army Co. E   353 Inf.
Brasher, Weldon “Digger” Army
Brazell, Douglas PFC Marines
Brazell, Lloyd Jr. S/C  Navy on a USS Pike Sub in the Atlantic. NROTC
Brooks, Douglas Wayne  Pvt. Army 3/44-9/45  European Theater
Brown, Calvin Evans  Army
Brown, Clyde Vernon
Brown, Cory Carlos   Navy 1943-1945 
Brown, Doyle C. S/Sgt.  Army 1940-45  So. Pacific
Brown, Dudley Lynn  G M 3  Navy 
Brown, Earl C.    Navy   WW1 and WW 2 
Brown, Ernest Marvin  Air Force  1947-54 
Brown, George D.  Navy   SF 3   1943-1945
Brown, Glendel   Army
Brown, Glenn C.   Navy 
Brown, James Douglas  Army
Brown, Justice T. S/Sgt. Army  1940-45  So Pacific
Brown, Lowell Osborn  Pvt.  Paratrooper  European  Trained in France
Brown, Marion Lilburn “N.H.”  Sgt.  Army  Battle of the Bulge
            Wounded Several times.
Brown, R.F. (Jr.) Navy Nov. 26,1943-Feb. 5, 1946
Brown, Rodney Seldon  Navy
Brown, Robert Watson   Marines  1941-1945  Pacific
Brown, William Edward  Pvt.  Army  6/43-1/46  Was in the 4 major
            battles of Europe: France at the Battle of the Bulge,
            Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and a short time in Austria.
            Was in Third Army under Patton in 4th Armored Tank Division
            in A Company of the 249 Combat Engineers laying mine fields,
            putting up machine gun nests, and building bridges.  When in
            Belgium his company was to go out the next day to a little town
            called Bastogne.  They had been told it was cleared of Germans
            But  Company C was chosen  instead.  The report was false and
            118 men walked into a nest of Germans and almost all were
            killed on the spot.  Douglas McDowell, James Henry Davidson,
            and Floyd Moore “Rip” Wheeler (listed) served with him. He
            and his 16 men were in a truck under fire and got hung up in
            mud.  They had been left behind and Floyd M. Wheeler “Rip
            heard and took his truck back and pulled then out. He was given
            the 4 bronze stars, plus other metals and citations.
Brown, William Ollie  Pvt. Army 1944-45  Fought in France and Ger.
Burr, Harley R. 
Burris, Robert L.
Butler, Ernest Ray
Butler, Guthrie Curtis
Butler, Harley Douglas  PFC  Army 1942-1946
Butler, Joseph Earl
Butler, Kelsie Melvin
Butler, Raymond N.
Butler, Thomas Leslie S1/C  Navy  1942-47   Pacific
Butler, Virgil Cline  S/Sgt  Army and Reserves for 32 years. African-
            European: Korean and Viet Nam. Secret Service Branch.
Byarly, Luther Sylvan   Army  April, 1942--
Byford,  Earl   T/Sgt. Army Air Force  1942-1946 European
Campbell, Arlis  F. PFC  Army
Campbell, Hobart  Navy  Chief Petty Officer  1942-1945  South Pacific
Campbell, James “Jack”  Cpl. Army
Campbell, Leonard   T/5  Army 1942-1945
Campbell, William Leonard  PFC Army Australia, New Guiana,
            Philippines 1941-1945
Campbell, William Martin PFC Army  1942-1944  Injured,  African
            and Europe Theater
Campbell, Willie R.  
Canada,  Charles B.  Pvt. Army
Capshaw, Hershell
Carter, James E. S1/C Navy  11/10/42-1/13/46  ETO  Three trips across
            on a cargo Ship.
Carter, John D. Sgt. Army 1942-45
Carter, Thomas Marion  Army  European Theater
Caudill, Morris  P.  2nd. Lt   Army   
Chambliss, Glenn
Chandler, Clem
Chandler, Jeff B.  Navy
Chandler, Rudolph  Cpl.  Army  1942-45  South Pacific
Chandler, William   Navy
Chick, William Boyce   2nd Lt. Army Air Corps  1942-1946
Clark, Haynes J.  PFC Army Killed in the South Pacific 1944
Clark, Raymond   Army   National Guard  Worked on the pipe lines for
            Army and Navy 
Clark, Robert “Squeaky”  Army Air Force
Clark, William D. “Little Joe”    Army 1942-1945 Wounded.  European
Clark, William Presley (W.P.)   PFC  Army/Army Air Core 1943-45
            European Theater
Clark, Willis N. “Bill”  Cpl Army European Injured in Germany,
            cooked rest of war.  
Clarke, William Earl Sgt.   Army Europe June 4,1942-Jan 1946  5
            Campaigns  Normandy,
            Northern France, Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes, Black
            Forest), Rhineland, Central Europe.  Was over there two years.
Clement, Joe Bill  Navy
Clifton, Rear Admiral “Jumping Joe”   Navy Pilot,
Clifton, Ross
Cline, Calvin Nunn “Cap”   S/Sgt Army Air Force Panama Cannel
            Zone 3/42-9/45
Cloyd,  Gilbert Martin  Cpl. Oct.1942-Oct 45  8th Air Force  European
Cobb,  Roy J. Army Pvt. Killed in Germany 1945  European Theater
Collins, Marvin  Pvt. Army
Collins, Thomas W.  S1/C Navy Killed at Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 First
            casualty from Crittenden Co. KY
Conditt, Charles L.  Fireman 1/C  Navy   1944-1946
Conger, Ewell 
Conger, Perry L. 
Conger, Wendel G.  BM2    Navy 1942-1945
Conger, William Ernest
Conyer, Charles Winford   Navy
Conyer, Roy   Air Force     Tail Gunner
Cook, Billy Bennett   Pvt.  Army 1943-2/19/44   Killed in Italy.
            European Theater
Cook, Charles E  Cpl.  Army
Cook, Jack L.
Cook, Leonard Marshall
Cook, Robert Bryson  Jr. Lt. JG.  Navy  Pacific on USS Feland Troop
            Transport Ship  
Cooper, Claude Jr.   PFC  Army Paratroops   1946-47 Japan
Corley, George Rudolph   1946-49
Corley, Harold E.   Cpl Army 1942-1945   European Theater  
Corley, Thomas Veldo
Corn, James D.  Cpl. Army
Corn, Learner Franklin 1/Sgt Army  10/10/42-10/ 5/45 ETO  5 Bronz
            Stars, and Purple Heart.  Was standing by Guy E. Hodge
            “Chephus” when he was killed.  He put his rain coat over him.
            He was also wounded.
Cox, Denver
Cox, Henry  Allen
Crawford, James H. PFC  Army
Crider, Chastine W. PFC QMC   Army #76 2nd QM Truck Co  9/23/42
            1/46 So. Pac.
Crider, James E.
Crider, William Edwin  Coast Guard all during WW 2  1941-1945
Crider, William Evert  
Crittenden,  Warren Calvin   Sgt.  Army 
Croft, C. W.
Croft, Cecil Jerry   PFC  Army  1942-1946 
Croft, Richard Davis S1/C   Navy  1944-Feb. 1946   South Pacific;  Ship
             was torpedoed but was saved, towed in for repair, but war was
             over before they were deployed again.
Croft, Oether K.   Army
Croft, Thomas S.  Pvt.  Army 1944-1945
Croft, William Douglas   PFC Army  1942-1945
Crouch, Eugene Glynn
Crouch, Thomas Andrew  PFC Army 42-45 Wounded in Germany. In
            Normandy Inv.
Crowell, Clinton    Navy 
Crowell, John V.     Marines
Curnel, Lawson M.
Curnel, Zelmal
Dalton, J. R. 
Dalton, Rodney N.  Sgt.  Army
Dameron, George Odell
Dameron, Harlan N.   Army
Dameron, James  Army European 
Dameron, John Paul   Army European
Damron, Joseph Earl 
Damron, Leslie 
Darnell, Harry
Davenport, Albon Vane  S/Sgt  32nd Army Reg. Killed in France 1944
            European Theater
Davenport, Encil R. PFC   Marines Corp. 1945-47   South Pacific
Davenport, Kenneth Carroll  Cpl. Army  1945-49:  Went back 10/50-
            9/51 Korean but sent to Germany
Davenport, Lawrence L.   Army
Davenport, Vecil J.  Pvt. Army
Davidson, Carson G. 1st Sgt. Army
Davidson, Edward L.    Navy              South Pacific 
Davidson, James Henry  Pvt. Army  6/43-  European  Was in Third
            Army under Patton in 4th Armored Tank Division in A Company
            of the 249 Combat Engineers laying mine fields, putting up
            machine gun nests, and building bridges.  He served with
            William Edward Brown, Douglas McDowell, and Floyd Moore
            “Rip” Wheeler (listed).  He and the others spent the night on a
            barn floor in France and next morning went separate ways and
            James was in a truck and got arm severely damaged and was
            sent to a hospital in England.  Was discharged soon after that.
Davis, James   Army  European
Davis, John Marshall 
Davis, Lewis Willetts    2nd Lt. Army
DeBoe, Donald G.
DeBoe, Joseph Calvin Sgt. Army
Dempsey, Jack W. Pvt.  Army
Dempsey, Wilfred F. Jr.
Ditterline, James Roscoe  Pvt.  Army
Dixon, Luther 
Dollins, Jim Earl SSgt. Army Inf. Paratrooper 82nd Air Born Div. April
            1944-April 1946 European, In the middle of the ocean coming
            home when Japan surrendered
Dolton, “Moon”
Doom, Harland  Cpl.  US Air Force
Doom, Lewis Edward  Sgt.   Army
Drake, James Douglas
Drennan, Clinton Wolf “Pete”    
Drennan, Curtis Kendal  S/Sgt Coast Guard killed 1943 in Adak Island
            of the Aleutians.
Drennan, David Carlton Pvt. Army 12/26/42-10/43 wounded in Bivouac
Drennan, Guy    Lt. Col  Army
Drennan, Hinkle K. Cpl.  Army  Dec. 1942-Jan 46 
Drennan, R. D. T/Sgt Army Killed in France Aug. 8, 1944 
Drennan, Raymond Jr. PFC Army 4/43-4/46 106th Inf. ETO Two Battle
            Stars.  Went to Europe on Queen Mary.                               
Drennan, Robert Lee Sgt. Air Force  Killed in Colorado as a Glider
            Pilot 1942
Drennan, Wendel   
Drennan, Winfred 
Driver, Ollie G. (Jack)   Army
Duffy, Clarence  Pvt.  Army European Theater
Dunning, James D.  
Dunning, L. E.  S1/C   Navy   1944-1945   USS Caliente Tanker in the
            South Pacific
Dyer, Robert G. “Bobbie”   Army  So Pacific
Dyer, William D. 
Easley, Alfred Leroy  Army  April 1942-  State Side 
Edwards, Weldon 
Edwards, William 
Elder, Harry C.
Elliott, Lal Edward
Enoch, Charles Willard   Army  State Side
Enoch, Howard Clifton Jr. 2/Lt. U.S. Air Force  Shot down in Germany
            March 19, 1945
Eskew, Earl Peyton  Cpl. Army Air Force  2/42-3/46 China,  Asiatic and
            Pacific Theater 
Eskew, James K.  Electrician’s Mate    Navy WW2 and Korea
Etheridge, Willard C. PFC  Army 10/9/41-9/28/45  South Pacific
Farmer,  James H.  S/Sgt.   Army   So Pacific  1944-46  43rd Infantry
Faulkner, Roscoe   Mjr.  Army  Finished Medical School in 1930, and
            joined Army Reserves in the mid thirties and was commissioned
            as 1st Lt. in the Medical Corp.  The obligation was 8 years but
            when war broke out in Europe in 1940 he was called up for
            active duty in the Medical Unit state side 1940-1941.  Then when
            Pearl Harbor was bombed he shipped out in 1942 from Ft Dix,
            New Jersey, went through the Panama Canal to Brisbane,
            Queenland, Australia, and served there for several months
            waiting for the Japs to be cleared out of the Goodenough Island
            off the coast of New Guinea.   He was then sent there and served
            several months, totaling 33 months before coming home.  Came
            back to the States in 1945 and to Ft. Jackson, Columbia, South
            Carolina through V-J Day.  Was released from active service in
            late 1945.  He remained in the Reserves and worked at the VA
            Hospital at Dawson Springs.  When the Korean War broke out
            he was asked to go back into active duty and was offered the
            rank of Lt. Colonel.  He declined and was discharged from the
            Army in June 1950 with the rank of Major. 
Ferguson, Harold King  Cpl. Medical Det.  519 AAA Gun Btt
Ferguson,  Leon B. Sgt.  Army 10/42-11/16/45 European 5 Countries Br.
            Star, Purple Heart
Ferguson, Woodrow  Navy  SF 3
Fields, Jerry Jones    Navy   Pacific
Fletcher, Everett Odell US Marines   So. Pacific Theater
Fletcher, Oliver Wayne   Cpl.  Marines 1942-1946  Pacific Theater
Floyd,  Ralph V.  T/4  Engineer Corp So Pacific Sept 1942-Jan. 1946
Ford,  Doyle Moreland  M/Sgt. Army  42-46 State side. Transported
            wounded to hospitals  
Ford, Eldon W. “Red”   Army  By Gen. McArthur in Phil. Is. when said
            “I have returned”  
Ford, George Henry
Ford, Thomas Wallace
Foster, George Coleman  S/Sgt. Air Force 42-45  Bomber Crew  in 9
            different  countries.
Fowler,  Carl A.  Cpl.   Army 1946-49
Fowler, Earnest
Fox, Anna Glee Nurse  Army
Fox, Boyce Taylor Pvt. 42-44. 3rd Army  European Theater (He and next
            3 were brothers)
Fox, Dorcey Lee  Army
Fox, H. B. S/Sgt Army Air Force  6/15/42-9/28/45  Fought in Normandy,
            Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, Ardennes, Air
            Offensive Europe.  Received EAME Theater Ribbon  with
            Bronze Stars per WDGO #33/45,  Good Conduct Ribbon per
            G.O #3 Headquarters AAF 167/44                   
Fox, Willard Larry 1/Sgt  Army 42-45  State Side  78th  Div 303rd Corp
            of Engineers
Fox, William Earl  PFC  Marines   1945-46  China
Fraley, Erman     Navy   1944-46 
Fraley, Virgil       European Theater
Franklin, Carson
Franklin, John A.
Franklin, Thomas Reed
Franks, Champ C. T/Sgt  Army  1942-1945
Franks, Raymond D.  S/Sgt.  National Guards then Army
Frazier, Kenneth H.
Freeman, John W.  PFC Killed in the U.S. 1943
Fritts, Charles Reed Army Mechanic 8th Army Air France 1944-  EURO
Fritts, Chastain
Fritts, Claude
Fritts, Douglas G. “Blake” S/1C Navy  WW2, 44-45:  M/Sgt  Army,
            Korea, Viet Nam 44-67
Fritts, Edmund A. Pvt.   Army
Fritts, Edwin Carter  PFC    Army Air Corp 1943-1946
Fritts, Hollis Franklin PFC    Army 1/19/44-10/8/45 Wounded  8 Inf.
            Div. European
Fritts, James P.  T/Sgt.  Army Air Corps  1941-1945
Fritts, John Kenneth   Army 1943-45 Served in Iran
Fritts, Orlan
Fryer,  Ivy L. Pvt.   Army
Fulks, Ira J.
Fuller, G. C.
Fuller, Harry A. 
Fuller, Lena K. 
Fuller, Stanley 
Gahagen, Ernest R.    Army Engineer 1941-1945  South Pacific 
Garrett, Dewey Lee  Navy  1945-46 South Pacific
Garrett, Elzie L.  Pvt.   Battery. A  16th  Field   Army
Gass, Charles A. S/Sgt  Army Air Force 9/45-8/49:  Navy 9/50-8/52 1st C.
            Petty Officer.   State Side, taught flying.
Gass, Norman  Army  
Gibson, Denver
Gilland, Fred L. F2/C   Navy South Pacific
Gilland, J. D.   Gunners Mate 3rdC     Navy    So. Pacific Theater 
Gilland, Roy   Navy
Gilless, John Elzie, Jr. T/5   605th Ordinance Base Armament Bn.
Gilless, L. C. 
Gillispie, Frank Allen   PFC  Army    1943-46      Philippines
Gipson, Alpha
Gipson, Conwell Ray 
Gipson, Denver C.
Gipson, Robert Henry  Pvt.   Army Air Corp  3/4/46-2/4/47  State Side
Gipson, Robert Luther PFC  Army and enlisted again in Army Air
            Corp 1944-49   France and Germany.  Was a German Prisoner
            of War for 22 days.
Gipson, William James Henry
Gobin, Frank    Army 
Gobin, Roy Gilbert  PFC  Army  9/24/42-1945 European  6 Bronze stars
Greeman, Omar Loval  Pvt.  Marines 44-46:  50-54 in Korea  as a Sgt.
Greeman, William Louis   Fireman  Navy  May 1945-65  In Korea as a
            Chief Petty Officer
Green,  Duke L.  S/Sgt.  Army  So Pacific  Aug 1940-1945 Wounded at
Green, Jonas C.
Greenlee, Harley R.  Pvt.  Army
Gregory, Elzie Edmond
Gregory, Lossie Ray T/5  Army
Griffin,  William T. “Mutt”   SSL 3/C  Navy  So Pacific  1944-1946  
Griffith, Guy P. 
Griffith, James P.
Griffith, Larnie   Army
Griffith, Lois R. 
Griffith, Matillo 
Guess, Allen   Army
Guess, Eugene A.
Guess, John W. “Spoon”  Cpl.  Army 1942-1945
Guess, Robert T. “Bob”  Sgt.  Army 1944-1946
Guess, Roy M. M.S.3/C  Navy  4/20/43-3/1946  So. Pac. USS Requisite  
            4 Br. Stars plus. 
Gugenhein, Sam   Navy
Guill, Roy W.   Army 1942-1945
Hall, Allen R.
Hall, Chastine   Army
Hall, Degarth PFC Army Europe, Died as POW in France 7/6/44
Hall, Jack
Hall, William Guthrie   Army killed in action 
Hamilton, Boyce Dale  Pvt. Army 1945-46
Hamilton, Charles W.  T/5  Army  1942-45
Hamilton, Luther J. “Mousie” Sgt   Army  1946-49    New Finland 
Hamilton, Newell M.
Hamilton, R. C. Jr. S/Sgt. Army  8/7/44-6/46 83rd Inf. Div. Do. D 331
            first Reg. European: Was a Prisoner of War about 2 weeks with
            Robert Hargrove.
Hanor, James R. T/4  Army
Hardesty, Cletus O. 
Hardesty, James “Boss”  S/Sgt.  Army 1943-46
Hardesty, Russell B.   Army 1944-46
Hardesty, Woodrow Wilson
Hardin, Bennett Clifton Jr.
Hardrick, Harold  Killed in Holland  1944
Hargrove, Robert  S/Sgt  Army  8/7/44-  Co. D 331st 83rd Div.  European.
            Was prisoner of war for 2 weeks with R. C. Hamilton
Harper, Armond   Army  European Theater   Received an EAME
            Theater Ribbon with 5 bronze stars for participating in
            Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe and
            the Ardennes.
Harrelson, John F.  KY NAVCAD  US NR                                                                
Harris, Elmer G. “Toby”
Harris, Thomas Clifford   Navy
Harrison,  Desmond B.T/5 1942-46  state side
Hatcher, Dayton   Army 
Hatcher, Lovell  Pvt. Army Killed in the US 1944
Hazzard, L. C.  T/Sgt  South Pacific
Hazzard, Roy Stevenson   Army T/Sgt EPO
Head, George Curtis  Air Force
Hearell, James Rudell  PFC  Army  1942-46  Panama Canal
Henderson, Harry William
Henderson, Ollie Woodrow  Sgt.   Army 12/26/1942-1/31/46  Pacific
Henry, Herman William
Henry, Homer R.  PFC  Army 1943-45
Henry, Lawrence William  Navy  Sea Bees  1942-45 South Pacific 
Herrington, Owen Earl
Hickey, Edward Patrick “Pete”  Navy  USS Chehalis   1943-46  Pacific
Hicklin, Ralph S.  MP  41-45  European
Hicklin, Robert B.   42-45 Medic Europe  army
Hicklin, Ronald “Tink”   Army air force Feb. 42 –Dec 45 South Pacific
            Saipan Island
Hicks, William D. Sgt. Army Air Force 3/15/46-2/18/49  Japan  Aerial
            Photographer:  Japan Occupational Ribbon,  WW 2 V.M,
            Several Citations and Decorations.
Higgins, Clarence PFC  Air Force  MP  June 6/45-12/46 European
Highfil, James E. “Jimmie”  Platoon S/Sgt. Army 1942-1946 European
Highfil, Robert Guy  Pvt. Army  7/31/42-3/30/45  Wounded in Luz,
            France, Purple Heart
Hill, Burnal   
Hill, Cortis Edmon  S/Sgt  Army Inf. European,  4/43-3/46:  In Korea
            QM Corp. State Side, 11/50-9/51
Hill, Harold Eldred  Lt JG  Navy 5/1/42-1947 Ship all the time. Atlantic
            & Pacific Ocean
Hill, Harvey Miller  Navy
Hill, James Eldred  T/5  Army 1942-9/25/44  Europe   Killed in France
Hill, Johnny R.
Hill, Lillian Ruth (Nottingham) Sgt. Army 1944-46 State Side Oak
            Ridge Tenn.
Hill, Ollie B.”Doc”    Army  Co. A.
Hillyard, Burnie H.   Lt. Army 
Hillyard, Earl   Navy 20 years
Hillyard, George Mansel  PFC Marines So. Pacific on Iwo  Jima  at flag
Hillyard, Hershel Franklin   Army medical Corp.  South Pacific
Hillyard, Johnny Ray  Capt.  5/17/36. Killed in France 9/10/44  Purple
            Heart, Br. Star
Hillyard, William Clifton   Sonnorman 3C   Navy on USS George
            5/18/43-3/3/46 Pacific
Hinchee, Harvey  B. Sgt.  Army
Hinchee, Theodore R. ”Teddy”  Sgt. Army
Hobbs, Harold  “Poochie” PFC Army 1945-1946
Hobbs, James C.  Cpl.  Army 1943-1946
Hodge, Collin W. M/Mechanic.   Merchant Marines,  Navy Ship 
              torpedoed. Transported supplies & troops.
Hodge, Donald Bruce  Mer. Marines: He and 5 of his brothers in service
            at the same time: Wm, O.V, Wilbur, Rawels, and H.H.
Hodge, George Edward  Sgt. Army Air Force  7/28/43-3/11/46 State Side
Hodge, Guy E. (Chephus) PFC Army European Theater Killed in the invasion of Normandy,
France 7/4/44, the same day Willis Glindel Belt was shot who died the next day
Hodge, Harold H. Cpl. 64th Unit Army Med. Corp 7/21/42-11/ 27/45 Italy and Africa
Hodge, J. D. PFC Killed in Italy 1944
Hodge, Jewell Osborne Army
Hodge, Oscar Vinson “Vinnie”   Army  So Pacific
Hodge, Rawels “Rocky”  Army   Ky Tec 4 23 Inf.   European
Hodge, Ray Oliver
Hodge, Thomas Edward   Navy   1945-1947
Hodge, Wilbur   Army Europe
Hodge, William V. “Willie” PFC  Army  80th Tank Dest. BN  European
Hodges, Jesse C. PGC Army 1941-1945
Hogard, Joseph E.
Holloman, Charles Gleaford PFC  Marines   Aug.1942 –1945  Pacific
Holloman, Clarence L.
Holloman, John  Army
Holloman, Paul Ray    Marines
Holloman, Walter Wesley   Pvt.  Army 1940-45
Holsapple,  James R.  Pvt. Army
Hooten, Donald  Gunner Mate 1stC   Navy Nov. 19 43-1946 
Hoover, Charles Edward S/1C Navy !943-45
Hoover, Herbert A. Sgt. Killed in Germany Oct. 14, 1944
Hopkins, Wm. Ray  Navy  
Hopson, Carl
Hopson, Joe  Air Force 
Hosick, Walzie Watson T/4  Army   42-46  European Theater Wounded
Hosick, Willard Jasper   Machinist 1st C     Navy   
House, Bill
Houston, Alva Warren
Howard, Darwin Young  Pvt. Killed in Australia Aug. 31, 1943
Howerton, Joe Henry,  PFC  Army  1942-45; 3 years,3 months ,3 days;
            Pacific Theater
Howerton, Newcom F.  PFC  Army
Hubbard, James Daniel,  Army  6/24/42-10/11/45  European theater
Hubbard, Morris Bassett  Army 1942-12/45  European Theater
Hughes, Carlos O.  S/Sgt  Army 41-45  ETO  Cooked for Gen. D. D.
Hughes, Charles E.  Pvt. Army
Hughes, Edwin Brownie  Army  2/43-46  Brother Marvin K/I/A
Hughes, Eugene   T/4 Army   1942-1946  European
Hughes, James Houston 
Hughes, Jessie Holeman   F/Lt  Air Force  1940-1961  WW 2 and
            Korean    South Pacific  Among other metals, the Air Force
            Longevity Service Award with 4 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters
Hughes, Joseph Lee   Navy  State Side
Hughes, Marvin W. 1st Lt.  Army Killed in France Dec. 12, 1944
Hughes, Noble
Hughes, Robert G.      Army    Asia-Pacific
Hughes, Robert Jackson
Hughes, Thomas Leon   Corp.   Army   1941-45   South Pacific     
Hughes, Trice  Lee  M/Sgt Army  42 –46  ETO   Active reserves. 1950
            Korea 8 Months. 
Hughes, Virgil Rankin  Sgt. Army  Normandy Invasion   European
Humphrey, Roy Joseph 
Hunt, Barney A.
Hunt, Claude R. Jr.
Hunt, Denver Duane  S1/C  Navy   Dec 4, 1943 - June 13, 1946 
Hunt, Elvis Ray  Sgt. Army  1885 Unit
Hunt, Harvey G. (Tim) S/Sgt Army  European  then Japan
Hunt, James Denzil “Dink”  Coast Guards  was injured and in hospital
            for one year.  Stationed in New York all four years with Reed
            and Ralph Porter. 
Hunt, John A.  S/Sgt  Army 1941-1945
Hunt, John Donald   T/S  Army  1941-1945   European  
Hunt, Learner A. (Shorty)  S/Sgt  Army   European  So Pacific
Hunt, Malcum
Hunt, Maynard O. 1st Sgt.  Army  North Africa 
Hunt, Orlyn Ray   Petty Officer  Navy      Nov. 1, 1943  to April 7, 1946  
Hunt, Stanley Rudell
Hunt, Troy E.   
Hunt, Tyler  Army
Hunt, Wilbur  Army officer  Was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed.
Hunt, Willard C.  “Doll Eyes” Maj.   Army 1941-61
Hunter, Bobby G.  Sgt. Air force  9/3/46-9/10/49  Alaska and USA
Hunter, Harlin 
Hunter, James L. Pvt. Army
Hurley, Taylor Eugene
Ivy, James Clifton
Jacobs, Andrew J.  Navy  1943-1945
Jacobs, William A.
Jackson, John Dalton  Pvt.  Army 1943-1947  European Theater
Jackson, William Robert    Army European
Jacobs, Andrew J.  Navy  1943-1945
James, Charles A. Sgt. 5/4  Army 10th Airdrome Squadron 1/27/43-
            2/9/46   European: Received MS medal, EAME medal and
            ribbon, VM WW 2 medal and ribbon.
James, Floyd Harley “Pete” T/5 Sgt  Army 8/19/42-12/15/45 in Medics
            in Alaska
James, Thomas Franklin  T/5  Army European
James, Merrill B.   Air force in England
James, Denver Perry  Sgt 1/C E6  Army  5/43-11/31/63  ETO WW 2 and
James, Robert Lee    Army European
Jenkins, Delmer Leamon  Pvt.  Army  Sept.1942-Feb. 1946   European
Jenkins, Verble Ray  Air Force   1941-1945  European Theater
Johnson, Andrew Thomas  S/Sgt. Crew Chief in Ferry Squadron  Army
            Air Force 1941-44   Ferried Airplanes from England  to France
            and Germany. After war took planes to Scotland for storage. 
Johnson, Douglas F.   PFC Army
Johnson, Edwin W. “Bart” Petty Officer 3/C   1944-1946  Northern
Johnson, Harold Douglas  M/SGT  Army  1936-11/30/60  WW2 Pacific-
Johnson, James Roy  Lt Col.  Army
Johnson, James W. PFC  Army Air Corp. 9/9/42-11/20/45   European
Johnson, Douglas Fairbanks “Mose”  T/Sgt.1/28/41 National Guard
            then Army  Pacific
Jones, Daniel Forrest  PFC  Army 1944-46   European Wounded at the
            Battle of the Bulge   Eventually lost a leg because of injuries. 
Jones, John H.  Pvt,  Army
Jones, Richard Crawford “Dick”   Navy   State Side
Joyce,  Edward   PFC  Air Force  Dec. 1942-1945  Europe and Pacific
Keen, John
Kemp, Homer Ray  PFC  Army   9/18/44-8/6/46  Co. I  108th Inf. 40 Div.
            Southern Philippians Liberation
Kemper, Charles Reid  PFC Army   Was lost in the St. Lo, France
            breakthrough in 1944.
Kemper, James Stuart  Navy  5/15/37-9/1/57
Kimsey, James H.
King, James R. 
King, Jesse T.  Pvt.  Army
King, Shirley Malcom  Army  3267th Ord. B. D.Co. Aug. 25, 1943-45
Kinnis, Frank  Edward  Army
Kinnis, Graves   Army
Kinnis, Larnie F. Pvt.   Army
Kinnis, Wm. T.   PFC  Army  1942-45 Germany 83rd Div.                                                                                                                      Kinsey,  Ovid H. Cpl.  Army
Kirk, Charles Edward, Command Sergeant Major  Army 3/17/40-
            7/31/67.  He lied about his age and enlisted at age of 16.  Served
            in WW 2, Korea, and Viet Nam
Kirk, Donald E.  T/5  Army  10/42-12/45  83rd Division  Was in 5
            European battle campaigns, was bubbie-trapped and lost an eye
            and his buddy sitting next to him lost his life, but he stayed on in
            battle with the one eye.   He has 5 Battle Stars, one Bronze Star.
Kirk, William Guthrie, Pvt.  Army 10/9/41-6/18/44  Pacific Theater
            Wounded in battle.
Kirk, Maurie Houston  Sgt. Army 1941-1945  Wounded
Kirk, Melvin G.  S/2C   Navy   1944-1945
Kirk, Newton Paris   Navy  P.O. 1/C  South Pacific
Kirk, Roy L.  Pvt.  Army
Kirk, Thomas Earl PFC  Army
Knight, Chester Lee   Army  1942-44  10th Armor Tank Battalion
Koon,  Terry Wickliffe  Pvt.  Army 1942-1944  
Lamb, Guy  Jr.
Lamb, William Astor “Jake”  Pvt. ETO 6th Regiment Battery B.  under
            General Patton
Land, Boyce Taylor  Boatswain’s Mate 3/C   Navy  3/16/43-12/22/51
            Asiatic Pacific, American Theater, Good conduct medal,
            Philippines Liberation and Victory Medals.  Boyce and Denzal
            are brothers.  Both were at Pearl Harbor at the  same time some
            time after it was bombed.
Land, William Denzal,  Chief Boatswains Mate   Navy  He joined the
            C.C.Camp in 1934 and the Navy in 1936 at Great Lake, Illinois.
            He was on the ship Tangier in Pearl Harbor when it was
            bombed.  The  thing that saved his life when his ship was
            bombed, he had left his bunk to go to town and get a news paper.
            He was given the Medal of Honor,  Chief Master,  WW 2 Medal,
            Three Silver U.S.N., Medal of Courage, Red Star with Eagle and
            National Defense.
Lanham, Ernest Eugene  M/Sgt  Army  1940-1945  Enlisted 13 mo.
            before Pearl Harbor
Lanham, Ernest R.
Lanham, Fred Thomas
Lanham, Shelby
Layman, Glenn Hina
LeFan, Sanders “Cotton” Pvt. Army 10/17/44-7/2/46  109th Inf. TRBN
Lemon, James G. “Jimmy”  S/1st C   Navy 1944-46  So Pacific
Lemon, Roy L.  Army   State Side                                                 
Leslie, Harry Z.
Lindsey, Warner N.   Army European
Linzy, Jerry E.   Army    Sgt. M.P.  He also had a son in service.
Linzy, Lafe K.  S/1stC Navy WW2  2/5/44-5/18/46  Korean 5/6/50-6/22/51
            Was in the Asian Pacific Theater.
Linzy, Oscar  Hoover   S/Sgt. Army 26 years,  He joined at age 15, and
            when the truth was discovered he was sent home.  He then joined
            again before he was old enough, and finally his father said if he
            wants to go that badly, I’ll sign for him.  He was in during WW2,
            Korea and Viet Nam.  After he retired he worked for Civil
            Service at Fort Campbell.  After he retired from there Agent
            Orange eventually cause his death.  He also had two son in
Linzy, Roger  PFC   Army  10/10/42-June 1943  
Linzy, Warner   Army
Little, Leman Carol  S/Sgt. Army  1941-45  
Little, Roy  PFC Army  1/43-12/45  European Theater Normandy Inv.
Little, Gerald    
Locklay, James R.
Loftis, J. B.,  PO 3/C   Navy    1943-45  Served aboard an LST in the
            Mediterranean and Atlantic.
Loftis,  William Morris  PFC  Army 12/16/42-1945  European Theater
Long, Henry George Jr.
Long, Jewell Orlan  S/Sgt  Army  1941-43 State Side 40th  Ordinance
            Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in Maryland
Love, Hershell   Army  1941- Wounded in Aleutian Islands in So. Pacific
Love, Mark Mason  Navy  South Pacific  
Lovelace, William David 
Lowery, James H.
Lowry, Clifton CBC  Navy   2/6/39-2/8/46   4 years in the Pacific
Loyd, William B.  Navy 
Lucas, Lawrence “Slats”  Coast Guard  B. Ship’s Cook 5/3/44-1946
Lynn,  Richard A.  Pvt. Army
Lynn, Corbit 
Lynn, Franklin 
Lynn, Reginald 
Mahan, Paul E.   TM/3C  Navy  So Pac.  In a “Tin Can” Destroyer, hit
            a mines, towed in. 
Manley, Eskel Owen  S/1C Navy  On the Bellewood 1944-46  So Pacific
Manus, Don   Navy
Marshall, Lawrence T. “Shell” Army Air Force
Marshall, Raymond "Red" Jr.  Sgt. Army  10/42-12/45  Europe Theater
Martin, Damon Franklin PFC Army 42-45 Wounded in Leyte,
Martin, John Hayden  T/Sgt   Army
Martin, Marvin Lee
Martin, Ormond B. Gunners Mate  Navy  1942-45
Martin, Virgil Thomas “Bud” PFC  Army 11/21/1942-11/12/45 ETO
            Ribbon 3 Bronze stars
Martin, Will R.  PFC  Army
Martin, William E.  Pvt. 
Martin, Willis L.   Paratrooper 
Marvel,  Denver L.  S/Sgt Army Killed at Luzon in 1943
Mattingly,  William T.  S/Sgt. Army Air Force 1942-45
Maxfield, Chastine  Army
Maxfield, Vernon   Army
Mayes, James W. “Jake”
Mayes, Rossie D.
McCain, Vance  
McConnell, Charles Alton   Army
McConnell, James Coleman PFC   Army 1942-45
McConnell, Marion C.  Pvt. Army
McConnell, William Glenn  PFC  Army  7/43-11/45  Utah Beach 10 days
            after D Day   France, Belgium, Germany
McDaniel, Carol L.  Major  Army 1947-50 General McArthur’s
            Occupational Army of Japan
McDaniel, Tommy
McDaniel, James Guthrie Pvt.  Army  Jan. 15, 1943-44   State Side
McDaniel, James Willard PFC Army 85th MT. Inf. 10th Div. BSM, Italy
McDonald, Earl
McDonald, Vivian Sgt. Killed at Luzon 1945
McDowell, Douglas  Pvt. Army  1943-46 Europe.  Was in all 4 major
            battles in Europe: France at the Battle of the Bulge,
            Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and in Austria for a short
            period.  Was in Third Army under Patton, in 4th Armored Tank
            Division, in the A Company of the 249 Combat Engineers
            laying mine fields, putting up machine gun nests, and building
            bridges.  When in Belgium his Company A was to go out the next
            day to a little town called Bastogne.  They had been told it was
            cleared of Germans.  But  Company C was chosen instead.  The
            report was false and 118 men walked into a nest of Germans and
            almost all were killed on the spot.  Floyd Moore “Rip” Wheeler,
            James Henry Davidson, and William Douglas Brown (posted)
            were in same company.  He was given 4 bronze stars and other
            metals and citations.
McDowell, Ernest
McDowell, Guy  F1/C  Navy
McDowell, Robbie E. Sgt. Air  Force  Gunner   10/5/43-1946 .     
McDowell, Wayne C.   Army
McEuen, George Edmond  S/1C   Navy  May 24, 1944-June 15, 1946 
            State Side
McKinney, Clyde N.  Army Air Corp
McKinney, John Newton  Pvt. Army Killed in Leyte Island 12/19/44
McKinney, Kelly O.  PFC  Army Air Force
McKinney, Pete   Army
McKinney, Roy C.
McMaster, Clifton Conrad  Major  Army  Stationed in England
McMaster, James H. 
McMican, Robert Edwin   Lt. Col. Army   January 17, 1941-December
            1945  South Pacific
McNeely,  Barney C. Maj. Army 1935-58
Melton, Glenn P.  Cpl.  Army   European
Melton, James V. Sgt 1940-45  Army   So Pacific
Melton, Melvin A.   Army  European
Melton, Thomas J.  Cpl. Army Engineering European and Middle East
Merritt, Arnold  E/5  Army 1943-45  Large Artillery Radio Operator
            European Theater 
Miles, James R. Pvt. Army 1944-5/10/45  Killed in Philippines on Negro
Miller, Dallas Wayne
Miller, James Edward    Navy  1942-46   Europe, Pearl Harbor
Miller, Walter L.  
Miller, William Forest “Jeep” 
Millikan, Al James “Pepper”   Army 5 years  
Millikan, Billie J. 
Millikan, Charles B.
Millikan, Charles E.  S/1 Army 1944-53  European
Millikan, Vernon W.
Minner, Minish   Army  1938-46   European Theater
Minner, Oris Murray  1st Lt.  Army 1941-46
Minner, Tracey
Monahan, William G.
Moore, Charles
Moore, Finnie W. Jr. T/Sgt   Army
Moore, John Clement PFC Marines
Moore, Willard Clay   1946-49
Moore, Richard W. 
Moore, Ted
Moran, Robert P/O Gunners Mate   Navy Special Unit 1943-46 EURO
Morgan, Glenn Francis
Morris, Herman Wallace   Army
Morris, Jack Raymond  Chief Petty Officer  Navy 1945-65 EURO, Cuba
            Enlisted at 17, Mother had to sigh for him.
Morris, Joe Edward   PFC  Army    So Pacific  2/1944-4/1946
Morrow, Almon Remus  Pvt. Army 1941-42 State Side  Was drafted,
            but turned 38 soon after, and was discharged because of age.
Morrow, Samuel H.
Morse, John D.  PFC Army
Mott,  Willard  Sgt. Army  10/10/42-11/7/45  Egypt and Morocco
Myers, Lewis William  T/5 Army March 1943–46 Normandy Invasion
Nation, Doss Abraham  MP  Army 1941-1945  Europe
Nation, John T.  MS  Army  1942-1962  Germany, Panama, Japan,
             Laos, Vietnam  Bronze Star Medal at the Battle of the Bulge.
             His first pay check was $21 but after deductions it was $17.
Nation, Robert Henry,  Merchant Marines  1944-1984  During war he
             was in Convoys delivering air planes and fuel to troops
Neisz, Jewell G. (Jug)   PFC   10/20/43-1/9/46  Normandy, No. France,
            Ardennes Rhineland, Central Europe  526th  OHM Tank Co.
            Ribbons, 5 Bronze Stars and Victory Medal
Nelsen, Marion D.
Nesbitt, Orville Edwin “Bud” C/M  Navy  Seabees 6/22/43-3/18/46
             So Pacific
Newcom, Aubry Glenn  Cpl.  9/1945-12/13/49
Newcom, Carrol D.
Newcom, Ila Hull
Newcom, Winfred E. PFC  Army 1942-45  European  Theater
            Prisoner of War
Northern, Kirby E. Army
Nunn, Arnold Rudell   Army   1942-45
Nunn, Debald A.
Nunn, Eddie Bruce 
Nunn, Robert F.  S/Sgt. Army European 1943-46 Bronze Star  
O’Dell, Earl Lee 
Odom, Russell Doyle  S/1C  Navy   1945-48
Oliver, Billie H.  Sgt. Army 1940-46  Wounded in France   European
Oliver, Stanley “Hawk”  M/Sgt  Navy, WW 2  South Pacific and ETO:
            Air Force in Korea 8/16/42-7/3/57.  
Oliver, Z. C.     Electrician  2nd Class.    Navy  1943-45    European  
Ordway, James Ellis  Sgt. Army 1942-7/15/44 Killed in France,
            European Theater
Ordway, Malloy G. 1944-46 Navy
Orr,  James Douglas “J.D.”  PFC  Army .   
Orr, Victor Hershel  PFC Army 1942-7/10/44 Killed in France
Osborn, Lowell   National Guard as Pvt.  Then trained in England  was
            S/Sgt in Paratroopers 83rd Div.  Wounded twice.
Owen, Dalton E. Jr. Gunners Mate 2/C  Navy 12/43-5/16/46 South
Pace, Harry     Army
Pace, Keith  Sgt 1/C  Navy   
Pace, Kenneth  Lt. Col.  Air Force In 3 wars. Worked for CIA after
Pace, Morris R. 1st Lt  Air Force Killed in the South Pacific 1943
Paris, Harvey Pvt. Army Killed in France 1944
Pate,  John E.
Patmor, Clifford Leon   Army  served 2 years
Patmor, James M.  M/ Sgt. Air Force  So Pacific  Was in 20 years
Patmor, Raymond  W. 1st Lt.  National Guard first then Army 1/41-
            11/45 European
Patterson, James Albe
Patton, Denver  Army
Patton, Ollie  Army
Patton, Thomas Austin   Army  7/41-11/45  European
Payne, Forrest C.
Peek, Hubert PFC Army 42/45  Brother to William “Billie” Peek
Peek, Richard Henry Sr. S/Sgt. Air Force  2/42-8/48  Gunner  Flew 35
            missions over Europe. After War went into Law.
Peek, Richard Mentril  M/Sgt Army Europe1942-45 Brother to ”Billie”
            that was killed 
Peek, William L. “Billie” PFC  Army  1944-2/21/45 European Theater,
            Killed in Germany.
Perkins, Thomas  R. S/Sgt.   Army 327 AAF Bomber Squadron
            Killed in the US 1945
Perrin, Haskell Marke
Perryman, Frazier Neal Army  41/45 Wounded,  survivor of 8 when
            tank was blown up.
Perryman, Harold Douglas
Perryman, James Trice  T/4 Army 11/17/41-11/03/45  Asiatic Pacific and
            African European Theater.  Wounded in France when train was
            blown up. Has not received Purple Heart as yet.  Had two
            brothers in same time (Orbin and Frazier) Then a brother James
            Henry in the Korean War. and a son James Larry in the Viet
            Nam in Army Intelligence. 
Perryman, Kenneth E.  PFC  Army  1946-47
Perryman, Oliver P.P.O. 3rd C.  Navy   South Pacific
Perryman, Orbin Thomas     Army  1941-45  Tank Operator
Phelps, Curtis Eugene S/Sgt  Army  State Side  Stationed at a German
            Prison Camp at Camp Crider, Mo.
Phillips, Robert M. T/Sgt.  Army Air Force, Enlisted 11/40-12/20/45
            Asiatic Pacific Theater. 5 years overseas.  Bronze Service Star
            American Defense Service and Philippines Liberation Ribbons. 
Phillips, William Earl “Bill”
Pickens, Curtis G.  Navy  12/8/41-45  Was on ships in the Pacific 4 years.
Pickens, David Mayo   Signalman Navy Airplane Carrier,
Pickens, George  Navy
Pickens, Jim  Air Force
Pickens, Joe  Army and Air Force
Pickens, John  Air Force  All six brothers, and all joined the service.
Pogue, Roswell F.  Sgt.  Army
Polk, Charlie Ray “Chig”   Navy
Porter, Dennis Duane   Army European 1943-46  was a German
            prisoner    Purple Heart.
Porter, Paul Edward  SK 3   Navy  7/43-5/5/45   All time on  ship in the
Porter, Ralph   Coast Guard  Stationed in New York all 4 years
Porter, Reed   Coast Guard  Stationed in New York all 4 years
Prado, Roldolfo A.
Pugh, Jewell D. Pvt. Army 4/44-11/45 193rd Inf. Heavy Armory Div.
            State Side
Qualls, Wm. O.
Quartermouse, Joe C. Cpl.  Co. BW
Quartermouse, Delmer  
Quartermouse, Leonard G. PFC. Army  1944-46 Pacific Theater.
Railey,  Sam L.  PFC  Army Killed March 23, 1945 at Luzon
Ramage, Glendal
Ramage, J. B.
Rankin, Edwin ”Buddie”  Navy
Rhem, James A.
Riden,  William S.  Pvt.  Army
Riley, Dentis K.T/5 Army10/42-1/6/46 ETO; 7 Countries plus
            Normandy and Omaha beach
Riley, James Raymond  PFC  Army 1942-1946  Wounded at Normandy
Riley, Roy Everett  PFC   Army   1943-46
Ringo, John
Roberts, Bruce Franklin  T/5 Army   July 27, 1944- Aug 46  Pacific
Roberts, Glenn Huston  Pvt. Army  European Theater
Roberts, Leonard Earl “Jim” T/4  Army   1942-46  8th Armored Div.
            Drove Sherman Tank across the Rhine River on Platoon and
            treads.  Co. A, 36th  Tank Battalion.  3 bronze medals.  European
Robertson, Edward
Robertson, Joseph S. “Joe”  Sgt. Army  Oct. 1942- Jan 1946  European
Robertson, Ray
Robinson, Denver   Army   European
Robinson, James Harold  Cpl. Army Air Force 1/15/43-3/19/46
            European Good Conduct Metal; WW 2Victory metal;
            Meritorious Unit award.
Rolston, Boyd   Army
Rolston, Roy   Army
Rorer, Robin Ray Pvt.  Army  1941-43  State Side
Runyan, Charles W.  Maj. Army Volunteer in the first draft.  1940-1946
Runyan, Edward A. Cpt. Army 1941-Jan 46 Stayed in Reserves.  Went
            back in Korean 1951-53 Far East.  Organized Marion National
            Guard in 1955.  Took them to Fort Knox during Berlin Crisis
            which was over just before they were to leave.  Retired from the
            National Guard in 1964.
Rushing, Coy L.    M/1C  Navy 1942-1945
Rushing, Coy Phillip   Pvt. Army  1942-1943
Rushing, Golde  PFC  Army
Rushing, Joseph H.  Pvt. Army
Rushing, Paul B.  1st Sgt. Army 1943-1946
Rushing, Thomas “Boots”  Army
Rushing, Woodson “Chuck”  Navy
Ryan,  Marion Dewey “Dude”  T/5  Army   1942-1945
Scott, Bryan C.
Scott, James Marion   Army       Brother to Bryan C.
Scott, John T.  CPL  Army  5/11/43-10/2/45 European  Battles and
            campaigns:  Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Rome-Arno, Rhineland,
            Southern France, Central-Europe.   Theater ribbon w/6 Bronze
            Stars per WDGO “33/45 Good Conduct Ribbon Par go”3.  Anti
            Aircraft Artillery Gun. (Brother to Marion Frank)
Scott, Marion Frank PFC  Army  2/7/45-11/26/46  Was 7 mo. 21 days in
            USA, 1 year, 1 month, 29 days in the Pacific and Japan.  Asiatic
            Pacific Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, Good
            Conduct, WW 2 Victory Metal (Brother to John T.)
Scott, Lawrence L. PFC Military Police
Shaffer,  Jim G.  T/4  Army   1945-1946
Shein, Horetio T. Sgt.1/C   Army
Shelby, Albert Lyon  2/Lt. Army 43-46  45th  Thunderbird Div.
            European  Purple Heart
Shelby, Evan  T/Sgt. Army  12/9/39-10/8/45 Tongareva Island S.W. of
            Hawaii   So. Pac.
Shelby, Ralph William   Navy
Sherer, J. Randall 
Sherer, Jessie Willis   Army
Sherer, Niel       Army
Sherer, Jessie Ollie  PFC Army Air Force 12/40-12/45; 101st Air Borne
            Div.  He helped bomb Hitler’s Mansion.  European Theater.
Sherer, Vernon Noble     Army    European
Shewcraft, Carter PFC  Killed in Austria 1945
Shewcraft, Glenn
Shewcraft, Perry   Navy
Shewcraft, Raymond Ernest.  Cpl. Marines  43-46  Pacific and China
            Purple Heart
Shewmaker, Carman Ewing   Army
Shewmaker, Kerry Noel    Army 
Shewmaker, Lorman Earl  
Shewmaker, Orman Earl  Navy 
Shewmaker, Vernie R.  Navy
Shoecraft, Carter  Killed in Austria 1945
Shoecraft, Perry   Navy
Shoecraft, Raymond
Sigler, Johnson  S/Sgt Army Killed in France 1944
Simpkins, Billy  
Simpkins, W. L.
Simpson, Charles Raymond  Army 1941-45
Sisco, Charles W.  S/Sgt. 1946-54 Air Force State Side;  Army in Korea.
Slaton, Carl R. S/Sgt  Air Force 3/27/43-, 385  Bomber Group., 551
            Squadron of B-17’s, Flew over Europe
Slayden, Robert Davis   Motor Machinist 1/C   Navy   1942-45
Sliger,  Marion Lewis “Bubbie” Sgt. Army  Enl. 6/44-3/47  ETO Black
            Forrest & Battle of the Bulge.
Small,  Calvert P. Col. Army 1925-61
Smith, Charles C.
Snyder, Rlynn C.  PFC  Army  258 QM Railhead Co.
Springs, Cecil
Spurrier, Daniel N.  PFC  Army
Spurrier, Ruth  1st Lt. Army
Stalion, Dallas Driscal  Army  So Pacific
Stalion, John E.  Navy   Pacific
Stalion, Mauice Vincent  Pvt. Killed in the US Aug. 15, 1942
Stalion, Max Earl, Sgt. Army 10/24/42-12/17/45 EURO  Wounded in
Stalion, Norbit “Rat”  Army 1942-45  European
Stalion, Ralph Wilbur   PO1/C  1942-1945  South Pacific
Stalion, Vernon Franklin   Army Surgical Tech 4th/c 1943-1946
            European Theater. 
Stallion, William C.  Sgt. Army  August 1945-February 1947 Philippines
Stephenson, Don Edwin   Army
Stevenson James V.  Pvt.  Marines
Stone, Allen Junior
Stone, Charles G.
Stone, Cleveland Eugene “Duke” PFC  Army  6/ 22/43-1/12/46 Europe
Stone, Grover Wallace “Gube”  Army
Stone, Harry G.
Stone, James H. “Red Rock” PFC  Army  ETO 1943-45 Taken prisoner
            in Italy by Germans in the first fighting.  Was held in the Black
            Forrest of Germany for 15 mos.  Was mistreated at first but got
            better before end. His only thought was to live to get home. 
Stone, Paul Lee   Army PFC, 6/30/44-4/15/46, European Theater
Stone, Robert Cecil   PFC  Army   1942-1945
Stout, Howard P. PFC   Army 10/24/42-10/30/45  African-European,
            Several Metals
Stout, Richard C. Pvt.  Army
Suits, William Evans 
Sullenger, Henry Douglas Sgt. 8/44-7/46  European Theater
Sullenger, Paul G.  Navy 1943-46
Sunderland, Roy O.   Army  
Sutton, Glendle   Corp. Army 10/22/1942-1/18/46  Good Conduct Medal
            in American Theatre; 2 Bronze Stars in European African
            Middle Eastern Theater; Military Occupational Specialty;
            Military Qualification Sharp Shooter Carbine; Anti Tank
            Gunner Crewman 610  
Sutton, Ivan “Buie”  Army   So. Pac.
Sutton, Rosco  B.   Navy  1944-1946
Tabor, Douglas     Navy  1944-1946  
Tabor, George James PFC   Army 11/18/43-1/9/46  New Guinea;
            Philippines Liberation Asiatic Pacific Ribbon w/2 Bronze Stars
            G.C. and V. Metals
Tabor, Gilbert 
Tabor, Herald R. ‘Cotton” 
Tabor, Leonard    Army
Tabor, Thomas Phillip AMMF2 Navy 1941-45 Pacific Theater
Tabor, Vernon E.  Pvt. Army 1945
Tackwell, William E.                        
Taylor, Edward M.  Army  9/22/41-10/31/45 South Pacific, European
Taylor, Marion Terrell   Army 
Taylor, Texil       Army
Teague, Charles William “Bill”,     Army
Teer, Alan Ray  EM 1stC Navy 1926-1941 Killed on the USS Arizona in
            Pearl Harbor.  He is a cousin to James E. and William G. Teer. 
Teer, James E.  Sgt.  Army Air Corps 1942-1945  South Pacific
Teer, Roy Clyde  Army 
Teer, William G.  PFC  Army 1941-1945  Galapagos Islands in the
            South Pacific.  He contacted the Jungle Foot Rot and almost lost
            his feet.  Was sick for some time.
Terrel, Everett   Army
Terry, Carroll Leon 
Terry, Charles W.  Sgt.  Army
Tharp,  Guthrie C.  T/5  Army     1942-1946   European Theater
Tharp, William D.
Thomas, Carman P.  S 1/C  Navy  11/21/45-6/9/46  Amphibious  Forces
            Was on an Amphibious Rocket Ship in Pacific   Am. Defense
            Metal, Asian Pacific Metal
Thomas, Charles Audrey  Army  83rd Div. 1942-46  European Theater
Thomas, Charles E.  1/C Navy 1944-47
Thomas, Newton Franklin “Frank”  PFC  Army 1944-1945  France,
            Rhineland, Central Europe EAME Theater Ribbon with 3
            bronze stars, Good Conduct metal. Was injured.
Thomas, Raymond Moore   Army  Signal Corp.  
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, Duke
Threlkeld. John D.
Threlkeld, Owen H.
Threlkeld, Owen “Jeff”
Tibbs,   John S.    Lt. Col.  Army 1940-1970 was in Pearl Harbor on Dec.
            7, 1941 
Tinsley, Charles A. 
Tinsley, Freda Austin  Y 1st C Navy 1944-48  South Pacific  
Tinsley, William Davis “Bill” Pvt. Army 1942-2/12/44 State Side. Sharp
            Shooter and Mechanic
Todd, William M.  PFC  Army  12/29/42-8/31/45  Guard State Side
Tosh, Enoch   Navy
Tosh, James Glenn  PFC  Army 836th Aviation Eng. Co. A. 11/16/42-
            7/13/43 State Side
Towery, Clyde  Air force
Towery, Robert  Ancil   Army Air Force
Towery, Thomas Marion  Captain   1942-1945 India and  Burma
Towery, Travis    Navy  
Towery, Wm. Carlisle   PFC Army Inf.     Served 2 years   .
Trail,  Learner Ray  PFC Army European  1944-1946
Travis, Clifford  Pvt. Army  Dec.17, 1942-Aug. 30, 1945 Wounded in
Travis, Douglas J.  Buck Sgt.  (three stripes)  Army  8/8/42-Nov 1945
            Son of George Travis
Travis, Dallas R. T/4  Army
Travis, Elvis Leon   Army So Pacific Theater Aug 1st, 1940-Mar 21 1945    
Travis, Fred Allen   2nd Lt, Army 6/41-46,  South Pacific, Luzon 149th
            Inf. Bronze Star, Joined National Guards after Army service. 
Travis, George J. Army S/Sgt.  WW1 1917-1919, WW2 South Pacific
            father of Guy R. and Douglas J. Travis, all three in same time. 
Travis, Glendal  Pvt.   Army  Dec 17, 1942-June 5, 1943
Travis, Guy Regional  1st Lt.  Army   Served in European Theater, Son
            of George Travis
Travis, Haskall   Cpl. Army June 1944-Aug.1946 South Pacific
Travis, James R. Sgt. Army  Purple Heart
Travis, Olvie A  PFC   Army
Travis, Russell   Army
Travis, Sarah   WAC  
Travis, Wilbur  Pvt.  Army 4 years    European Theater  5/4/42-11/13/45
Travis, William D. KY  82 Field Art.
Travis, William Freeman 
Travis, William Martin  Sgt. Army European Theater
Truitt, Charles Henry     Navy
Truitt, Chester E. 1st Lt.  National Guard, Army, 1940-1945 South
Truitt, Clarence Eldridge   Army  South Pacific
Truitt, James Buford PFC  Army  Killed in France July 11, 1944
Truitt, Joseph H. S/Sgt Army Air Force on B-17 Killed over the English
            Channel 7/29/43
Truitt, Lacy Carson  M/Sgt Army Belgium under  Patton, Helped
            liberate concentration camps of the Holocaust.
Truitt, Roy E. S1/C  Navy 1943-46 Manned Guns on Merchant Ships
            in the Pacific, Atlantic, Australia, India, Egypt, Europe  hauling
            ammunition.  Ran in convoys, and was attacked by submarines,
            but his ship was never hit.
Truitt, Virgil Easley  Navy
Tucker, Thomas  Ph/M   USNR 11/42-11/8/45  He served as a
            Pharmacist Mate at Great Lakes Naval Station, Crane Naval
            Ammunition Depot, Crane, Indiana.  He last served on the USS
            Hospital Ship “The Sanctuary”.  They were the first to pick up
            survivors after the atomic bomb attack.
Turley,  Barney H. Sgt.  Army
Tyner, Jesse B. 
Vanhooser, Wm. Henry Pvt.  Army  9/44-7/46  Battle of the Bulge
Vanpelt, Captain James “Jimmy”   Navy
Vaughn, J.D. “Shike” S/2C Navy 1942-12/27/43 KIA. Ship sunk by
            enemy aircraft near C. Gloucester
Vaughn, John Thomas   Coxsman    Navy    1943-1946
Vincent,  Thomas A. T/5  Army Air Force, 1942-1945 So. Pac. 7 D-Days
Walker, Doyle O.  Torpedoman 3/C   Navy 1943-46  Submarine  in the
            Atlantic Fleet  
Walker, Glenn
Walker, Lawrence E.  Army
Walker, Linville G. PFC  Army
Walker, Randal Ray   Army  June 1942-Feb. 1946    European Theater
Walker, Raymond Eugene  D/5   Army     Feb.1946-Sept 1947 
Walker, Rinzo 
Walker, Robert Orville
Walker, Ruben Glenn   Army
Walker, Willard E.  PFC  Army  Engineer  Alaska  Feb. 41-45
Walker, Willard W.  Army
Walker, Winford  PFC  Army 1943-1945  European Theater, also
            Korean War. Members of his family have served in the military
            in every war since the Revolutionary War up to the present.
Wallace, Hugh Jackson  PFC  Army  11/2/43-8/22/45 ETO Lost arm. 
            Was Heavy Machine Gunner                                                            
Walls, Harold C.   U.S. Navy
Ward, Newton Tracy
Watson, Douglas  Army 1941 Tank Commander. Tank was blown up in
            France.  Body brought home 1947
Watson, Elvin Harris  Army
Watson, Everett Wayne
Watson, Gary Wayne 
Watson, George Eugene 
Watson, Harold Crawford 
Watson, James D.  
Watson, James O. “Jimmy”    1942-1945  Army Air Corp
Watson, Jesse A.
Watson, John S.   USN/USAF  He joined the Navy at 17 years of age in
            1942 and served in the Pacific Theater as a gunnery technician
            attached to battle ships, and stayed until war was over.  Came
            out as Seaman 1st Class, then was recalled into the USN Reserve 
            when the Korean war started  and stayed until that war was
            over. He then enlisted into the USAF in 1954 in the Strategic Air
            Command.  He served in the AF as a Secret Weapons 
            deployment officer until 1970 and retired from the AF as Sr.
            Master Sgt. with several honors after 23 years of service in
            WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam.
Watson, Norman E.
Weldon, James Edwin  European   Sgt.  Army  2 years
Weldon, John C.
Weldon, Robert Maurice “Bob”   Navy  South Pacific
Weldon, Virgil Rankin   Army  European
Weldon, Walter Neil  T/5  12/28/43-3/13/46  South Pacific
Werderman,  William A.  PFC  Army
Wesmolan, Rance Jr.   Sgt.  Army European 1944-47
West, Willie Thomas  Pvt.  Marines   10/45-11/46  When Willie was
            drafted two men from Union County was drafted at the same
            time and the three went to Louisville together and were put into
            the Navy.  Then a big Marine walked over and said to all three
            of them that he needed one of them to go to the Maries and
            didn’t care which one.  Willie said he opened his big mouth and
            said if all three could go that they would do that.  The Marine
            replied;  “All of you are now in the Marines.”  They were in boot
            camp only 7 days before the war ended.  All of them served
            their 3 months in boot camp together at Paris Island.  Willie
            was then shipped to Panama and served 13 months and was then
            discharged because the war was over.
Wheeler, Floyd Moore "Rip"  Sgt  Army  June 1943-January 1946  Was
            in all 4 major battles in Europe: France at the Battle of the
            Bulge, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and in Austria for a
            short period.  Was in Third Army under Patton, in 4th Armored
            Tank Division, in the A Company of the 249 Combat Engineers
            laying mine fields, putting up machine gun nests, and building
            bridges.  When in Belgium his Company A was to go out the next
            day to a little town called Bastogne.  They had been told it was
            cleared of Germans.  But  Company C was chosen instead.  The
            report was false and 118 men walked into a nest of Germans and
            almost all were killed on the spot.  James Henry Davidson was
            with Rip in France (See James Henry Davidson else where). 
            Douglas McDowell and William Edward Brown (listed) were also
            with Rip all the time.  Brown’s truck got marred down and he
            and 16 of his men were trapped.  Rip took his truck and under
            enemy fire went back and pulled them out. Rip received Expert
            Marksman, 4 bronze stars, and other citations.  There were
            680 men in his group and as of this writing only 60 are still 
White, Robert Lee  Cpl.  Air Force    4/42-3/43  State Side
Whitt, George W. “Buster”  S1/C Navy WW2, 3/30/44-11/3/45 Pacific:
            Army MP 4/8/48-8/30/49 European.
Wigginton, Joseph Kelly  M/Sgt  Home Guard Co. I,   South Pacific
Wigginton, Curtis C.  European  Army
Wilburn, Tommy Pvt. Army Killed in France 1944
Wilkey, Harold O. 
Williams, John H. T/Sgt Army 1942-47
Williams, Mackey R.
Williamson, Herman  
Williamson, J. T.  Army
Williamson, Vernon   Army
Willoughby, William Glenn “Hardy” PFC   Navy  1944-1946
Wilson, Carlos F. "Todd"  PFC Army   Was in same battle on Omaha
            Beach, Normandy, France that Willis Glindel Belt and Guy E.
            Hodge was in when both were killed.
Wilson, James C.  S/Sgt. Army 1940-1945
Wilson, William R.  Sgt 2ndC    Army 1940-1945   
Wilson, William Ray   T/Sgt.  Army  Jan. 17,1941-1945
Wilson, William Robert “Bob”  Pvt. Army   9/23/42-5/21/43  Injured at
            Camp Swift, TX.  Given a medical discharge.
Winders, Charles Ray   Navy  Feb.1945-May 46
Winders, James F.  Sgt.  Army  Corp. Co. 75  Armored. Med. BN  4
Winders, Kenneth E.
Winn,  Harold Eugene   1stLt.  Army 1942-7/13/44  Killed  near St.
            Louis, France
Winters, Alfred Chastine  MOMM 3/C Petty Officer    SCSL 68  1943-
            Feb. 1946  So. Pacific
Witten, Hearl A. 1945
Wood,  Chester O.  Pvt.  Army  1942-11/8/42  European Theater Killed
            in North Africa
Woodall, Curtis
Woodall, Denver C.  Army
Woodall, James C. PFC  Army
Woodall, James H.   Army  So Pacific for 4 years without coming home.
Woodall, James Preston  Army  3 years in South Pacific
Woodall, Randell W. 1st Lt. Army
Woodall, Virgil P.
Woodall, Wilbur “Woody”  Sgt. Army Platoon  11/43-3/46 29th Inf. Div.
            Reg. 116th   Wounded in Germany.  Legs frozen. Flown to
            England for treatment. 
Woods, James G. Tec.
Woodside, Hershell C.  Army 
Woodside, Homer E.   Navy 
Woodward, Thomas Bethel   T/5 Army  Jan.1943-Feb.1946 Philippines
Woodward, Werdie M. PFC Army  9/43-8/45 European, Africa, Middle
            Eastern Theaters. 
Woody, Jack L. Sgt. Army Air Force Killed 12/14/45 in the Pacific
Woolsey,  Willard T.   Pvt.   Army  1942- 
Workman, Robert   PFC  Army   1942-1945
Wright, Forrest Bennett   Army  State Side
Wright, Joe L.
Wright, Joseph D. 
Wright, Noble
Wring, John Edward Sgt. Army 1944-46 European Theater
Writtenberry, Earl G.  Cpl.  Army 1943-1946
Wyatt, Willie A. Cpl.  Army
Yandell, James C. PFC Killed in Belgium 1944
Yates, James C.  PFC Army
Yates, John  Army
Yates, Paris C.
York,  Alvin  Sgt.  Army Air Corps 
York,  Raymond  Cpl. Army Air Corps 
York,  Robert William   M/Sgt. So Pacific  Army Air Corps  WW2 and
Young, Alford Marshall Pvt.  Army   8th F.A. So Pacific